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For over three decades, Abo’s Pizza has been a beacon of culinary delight in Colorado’s Front Range, extending its reach through 13 locations. Our journey, rooted in a passion for authentic Neapolitan New York pizza, has established Abo’s as a synonym for quality and taste.

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The Secret of Our Success:

Authenticity and Quality

 At the heart of our pizza is the crust, a masterpiece of culinary tradition. Hand-tossed daily, following the time-honored Neapolitan New York pizza techniques, our crust is the epitome of perfection – thin, with a bumpy, bubbly texture that’s pliable yet firm enough to fold. Baked in our Vermont Bakers Pride Ovens, it’s flour-dusted and delivers a taste that’s both unique and unforgettable.

Our sauce is a treasure, crafted from the legendary Rocky Graziano family recipe. This proprietary blend strikes a perfect balance – herby, light, and slightly sweet with a hint of tartness. It complements, rather than competes with, our toppings, enhancing the overall flavor profile of each pizza.

We use only 2% skim milk 100% mozzarella, generously applied to ensure each bite is moist, chewy, and free from the dreaded oil-slick effect. Our cheese stays put, perfectly melding with the crust and toppings.

Quality is non-negotiable. We source high-quality tomatoes from a trusted supplier, ensuring consistency in flavor and freshness. Our vegetables are a testament to freshness – delivered and chopped daily to guarantee the best in taste and health.

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Join Us for a Slice of Tradition

At Abo’s Pizza, every slice is a slice of history, tradition, and passion. We invite you to experience the unique taste that has made us a favorite in Colorado. Whether you’re looking for delivery, pick-up, or just a slice to go, Abo’s is ready to serve you the best New York-style pizza in town.

Our Philosophy:

Uncompromised Quality

At Abo’s, we don’t cut corners with ingredients. Our philosophy is simple – the best quality ingredients create the best pizza. This commitment means we consistently deliver pizzas that are not just delicious, but also true to the authentic New York style, regardless of cost fluctuations.

Freshness – A Core Value

Our dough is a daily affair, never frozen and free from preservatives. We believe in the power of fresh ingredients, and it shows in every slice.

The Oven – A Tradition of Baking Excellence

Our Vermont Baker’s Pride Ovens are more than just equipment; they’re a key ingredient to our unique pizza. With high-quality baking bricks, they ensure an even bake, a feature that conveyor belts simply can’t match.

Size Matters – Bigger and Better

We redefine value with our pizza sizes. Where others offer 14 to 16-inch pies, we go big with 18 to 20-inch diameters, more toppings, and 8 slices per pie. It’s a visible testament to our commitment to providing more to our customers.